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olive trees

Our next door neighbours in the valley produce oil that is now considered some of the best in Italy. Our trees have sat in the same valley for years so we think ours tastes pretty good as well


We own a few beautiful olive trees here at fireflies & figs and have been learning over the years how to get the best out of them. There is a wonderful olive mill that sits at the end of our valley, who produces some of the best ‘medium fruit’ extra virgin olive oil in Italy. As we are not too far from them, we hope our oil not only comes from a similar terrain but tastes just as good.

We have three different varieties of trees, from what we can tell, the Leccino, the Intosso and the Gentile di Chieti. These olives give our oil a sweet and fruity scent with a hint of almond.  They are grown organically and are cold pressed with no filtration just natural settling, containing natural pulp particles that maintain the scent of fresh olives.

Being a small working farm, we do not sell our olive oil individually but we ask our customers if you wish to buy a row of trees, that equates to a box of 12 x 250ml year. This way you get your very own row of olive trees and you have a new bottle for each month all delivered to you fresh after harvest in December each year.

fireflies & figs organic extra virgin olive oil, a row of trees is £75.00 a year.


If you wish to come and help us pick your row of trees, then do let us know as we are always looking for volunteers for the weekend of olive picking in late October each year.

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