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Private deck area at olive blossom
Entrance track to fireflies and figs
Subtle truffle yurt and front deck
View at sunrise from our land
View across Caprafico valley at dawn
Local olive grove
Rooftop cinema at the house
Wood-fired pizza

fireflies are the worlds most efficient light producers. Through a unique chemical reaction that allows them to glow without wasting heat energy – all 100% of their energy goes into making light, hence they are so so bright!


food from the valley

After many years of dreaming and planning, fireflies & figs opened up its canvas doors in the summer of 2014 as one of the first luxury camping retreats in Italy.

When we first decided to make a change and give up our day jobs, we never imagined the journey it was going to take us on.  Over the next few years we managed various hotels across Europe in Spain, France and Greece, as well as a Dar in Morocco. Other than being an amazing experience, our work gave us a clear understanding of what our guests really want and the ability to intuitively deliver this. We would like to share our boutique camping retreat with you in a more relaxed environment, under the stars, amongst nature.

So think warm and welcoming, not overly attentive.
Think thoughtful, helpful and discreet.
Think surprisingly comfortable not overly polished,
Think tasty, inviting and a great place to eat.

In June we have thousands of fireflies that give us a magical light show not to be missed. Figs are in abundance and we harvest them twice a year. Talking of food….

Food is very important to us and especially Fern. If she’s not talking about it she will be in our kitchen garden gaining inspiration for her next dish. As you may have guessed, she’s our resident chef, and has been cooking around the Mediterranean, collecting ideas and tantalising taste buds preparing herself for this. We are really lucky to be surrounded by organic producers across our working valley.  From an olive mill, where we press our olives, to free range eggs from our next door neighbour, bee hives where we can collect honey for breakfast and locally grown spelt which tastes nutty and delicious.  With the influence of Abruzzo and the great food it produces, Fern is in her element and can’t wait to share her dishes with you.

open air cinema

We love watching films, especially sitting outside on a warm balmy evening. So we thought it was quite important to find a space where we could share this experience with our guests. We have a small house at the top of the hillside which has a wonderful roof terrace. The view is pretty impressive; we have a 360 of the Majella mountains and the sea. With comfy director chairs to sit on and a few small tables for your drinks, have a slice of pizza and nestle in for an evening of film.

Come and see us soon.

Fern and Jono

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