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Wild swimming at Scanno lake
Stunning views at Rocca Calscio
Casoli Lake
Amazing fish restaurants
Local Poppy fields
Stunning hilltop towns
Woodland up in the Majella mountains
Picnic up the Majella mountain
Picturesque hilltop town

abruzzo has more national parks than any other region in the whole of Europe


Abruzzo sits on the east coast of Italy, three hours across country from Rome. It boasts to be the greenest region of Europe containing three National Parks and an abundance of wildlife. One of the National Parks encompasses the Majella Mountains and it is these mountains which are home to bears, wolves, lynx and golden eagles.

When you meet any Italian not from the region and mention that you live here you will get a very common reply. ‘Abruzzo………che bello’. Being a lesser discovered region of Italy, and a secret place for Italians to spend their holidays, you will experience the real beauty of Italy.

hill top villages

Having a shoreline of over 130 kilometres of beach, Abruzzo’s seaside offers you plenty of places to swim and feel the sand between your toes. You can jump on a boat to the small Tremiti islands off the coast of Vasto an hour from us. We also have the Trabocchi – fishing pontoons that are protected by world heritage. These amazing structures are beautiful just to look at, and some have been turned into very special fish restaurants.

Abruzzo is lucky enough to have its own plentiful array of hill top towns and villages jutting out into the sky. All celebrating their own unique fiestas throughout the summer months with singing and dancing whilst tasting  local delights like wild boar or pecorino cheese. Guardiagrele, is one of our nearest hill top towns, which has a traditional sunday market spread out onto its piazzas with a view of the mountains and sea in the distance.

cool off by the sea
beautiful lakes and activities

Where there are mountains there are lakes, and two of these can be found very near us. Casoli lake and Bomba lake are great places to take a walk and have a picnic. Kayaking and sailing in the summer months are popular and if you like a thrill you can try rafting and river jumping. Cycling is a popular sport in Italy with the Giro d’Italia passing us just 5 kilometres away as we have many a winding hill. There is an abundance of walking paths and bike trails in the mountains and by the sea.  Other activities include horseriding, rock climbing, cookery courses, truffle hunting and fishing.

local wine

Wine making traditions in Abruzzo date back to the sixth century BC thanks to the Etruscans who played a major role in introducing viniculture to the area. In the last 40 years there has been a substantial increase in wine making especially in the Chieti Provence.

Abruzzo is Italy’s fifth-leading wine region after Sicily, Puglia, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. Montepulciano d’abruzzo is the red grape variety known for its richness and robustness. Pecorino is another red grape but it is made into a white wine by ensuring the skins do not have much contact with the must. This is medium bodied with notes of pear. Trebbiano is a white variety, crisp, citrussy with floral notes. It is well known as a blended variety but you can find a single variety here in Abruzzo.

If you are keen on your wine, then let us know as Fern would be happy to do a tasting with you.

from big bustling city to big green countryside

Rome is less than 3 hours away from us, and an opportunity not to be missed. We would really recommend a city tour, taking in the amazing sites of Rome for a weekend. Then come to the countryside and visit our luxury campsite at fireflies & figs. The drive from Rome to us across the Apennines is breathtaking so you can either hop on a bus or hire a car and come and relax and rejuvenate in the wild mountain landscapes whilst camping in Abruzzo.

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